Our Scope of Service

AIS strives to provide our clients and IT partners with a range of comprehensive IT services.


Information Technology Consulting

AIS provides IT consulting to our client and IT partners based on our ability to understand their needs and to harness IT to enhance their productivity. We help our clients to decide what is the best IT solution that meets the objectives of their IT strategy.


System Development and System Integration

AIS, acting on behalf of our client’s best interest, takes on the responsibility of providing a total solution by arranging the required hardware, software, implementation, training and support. AIS employs proven project management and software engineering methodologies, stringent standards/procedures with thorough testing and complete documentation in system development and system integration projects to guarantee timely, quality and cost effective systems to be delivered to our clients.


Systems and Database Administration

One of the focuses of AIS is to provide our clients with systems and database administration services. This is AIS’s belief that AIS can provide clients with professional administrative services of IT systems, so that clients can concentrate on their business activities. AIS has a special task force which consists of systems administrators and database specialists to provide these services and AIS has already built a proven track record especially in large scale application and database upgrade in Oracle. AIS always employs the best tools to provide these services through the acquisition of the distributorship of Kumaran’s conversion products for Oracle Forms and Reports.



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